Take Five for Academic Integrity

Fostering awareness in UBC classrooms.

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Want to promote academic integrity in your class? We can help!

Take Five for Academic Integrity is an in-class awareness campaign that provides materials for instructors to use for a 5-10 minute presentation and discussion with their students. Instructors are invited to take a few minutes to check in on these concepts with their students and how they are applied in their course. Discussions about academic integrity are not only for first-year students or the first class of the term – checking in with students regularly can support their understanding.

Running this in your class is easy…

  1. Download the Take Five PowerPoint slides and accompanying notes below. You may also wish to share the video with your students.
  2. Tailor the slides to fit your class which might include adding examples and points that are relevant in your specific class and discipline.
  3. Present it to your class!

…or, if you prefer, academic integrity staff can come and talk to your students.

Simply fill out the form below to request an in-class visit from us, or ask any questions that you may have.

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