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Welcome to UBC’s Academic Integrity Digest, a cross-campus newsletter aimed at generating conversation, sharing resources and responding to timely and relevant issues impacting academic integrity for students and faculty at UBC.

The Offices of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic, at UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan are working collaboratively to expand awareness around academic integrity, enhance academic integrity education and provide support and access to resources related to academic misconduct regulations.

Each Academic Integrity Digest issue will focus on a topic that holds broad interest for the UBC community. We look forward to further engagement and discussion around opportunities and challenges impacting academic integrity at UBC.

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April 2024: The evolution of generative AI in teaching and learning

This issue of the Academic Integrity Digest revisits the GenAI topic, identifying initiatives that UBC has taken over the last year while also providing a roadmap for resources currently available as well as those anticipated. These conversations have expanded over the past year as the tools, capabilities and adoption of GenAI technologies have moved the conversation into various areas of the university including academic integrity, teaching and learning and equity.

October 2023: Supporting a Culture of Academic Integrity

As classes resume at UBC for a new academic term, academic integrity is a topic on the minds of many.

This issue of the Academic Integrity Digest will provide an update on academic integrity, showcase some of the events planned for the coming year, and remind faculty and students about the supports and resources available to start off the year with success. While there is much this year that is new, it is also important to ensure the basics of academic integrity are covered now and throughout the academic year.

May 2023: Student Perspectives on Academic Integrity

At UBC, everyone has a part in building and supporting the shared value of academic integrity: students, instructors, and the university as a whole. This issue of the Academic Integrity Digest focuses on the roles and responsibilities of students when it comes to academic integrity and resources for students to support, promote and uphold academic integrity at UBC.

February 2023: ChatGPT and Considerations for Academic Integrity

A computer screen with ChatGPT questions.

The recent release of Open AI’s ChatGPT sparked much conversation throughout the academic community. This large language model, with its ability to generate novel, human-like text responses in seconds, led to mixed responses of concern and curiosity from instructors and students alike. The conversation around the impacts of artificial intelligence in higher education is ongoing and the availability and capabilities of generative artificial intelligence is continually changing. In this issue, we explore the implications of ChatGPT on academic integrity at UBC and beyond.

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