About Academic Integrity

Teaching and promoting academic integrity and responding to academic misconduct allegations are all part of UBC’s culture of academic integrity. 

This website supports faculty in their commitment to teaching and promoting academic integrity in their courses and helps students learn more about the subject and uphold its values. It provides clarity and general awareness about the academic misconduct process and offers resources for those impacted by it. Created with input from across the university, the content of this website aims to increase general awareness but also helps to understand how academic integrity and academic misconduct intersect with the broader university and professional community. Looking at academic integrity and academic misconduct together is not intended to oppose them, but rather to support an educative approach that is committed to educating and supporting students. 

Academic integrity is a commitment to upholding the values of respect, integrity, and accountability in coursework. For students, this means completing academic work honestly and for instructors this means supporting students to learn with integrity in their courses. While academic integrity relates to academic coursework, scholarly integrity (also known as responsible conduct of research) relates to work intended for publication. Academic integrity and scholarly integrity share many values though they differ in the work they are connected to. The Responsible Conduct of Research site outlines the realm of scholarly integrity and the differences between scholarly misconduct and academic misconduct.

UBC is a member of the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI). Members of the UBC community are invited to join in international discussions about academic integrity through the ICAI’s annual conference and blog

Academic Integrity: What you need to know

What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity is a commitment to upholding the values of respect, integrity, and accountability in all academic work. Learning with integrity means submitting work that is one’s own and following criteria provided by instructors. It is an essential part of being a member of the university community since learning with integrity ensures that graduates are properly credentialled. 

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Academic Integrity at UBC

UBC cultivates an educative approach to academic integrity that strives for clarity around expectations for teaching and upholding this value and provides information on the process involved for both faculty and students when it is breached. Academic integrity is everyone’s responsibility where faculty, students and staff all have a role to play in upholding it. 

Myths About Academic Integrity

Rethinking our assumptions about academic integrity is essential. Issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion intersect with academic integrity and we have urgent responsibilities to address these areas of overlap by examining our assumptions.