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academic integrity

Curious about what exactly academic integrity is? Find out what it means to “learn with integrity” at UBC.

Academic misconduct

Do you understand the different ways that academic integrity can be breached? Learn about the types of academic misconduct.

Resources and support

UBC has plenty of ways to get help if you need it. Check out this helpful list of learning resources and support services.

Academic integrity modules

Want to learn more about academic integrity? Try out our online Academic Integrity Matters modules!

What about grad students?

Academic integrity is not just for undergrads. Review grad student related resources and information.


Have some more questions? Check out some common questions and answers, plus a handy glossary of terms.

If you are suspected of academic misconduct, check out the review process information.

“Why should I care about academic integrity?”

At UBC, you have an incredible opportunity to learn and grow with a global community of students. Over the course of your program, you will cement knowledge, competencies, skills, as well as personal values and principles that will guide your decisions for the rest of your life.

Learning with integrity will set the stage for being an ethical professional after you graduate. Breaching integrity at UBC or in your professional life can have irreversible consequences such as a course mark of zero, suspension, or expulsion from the university.

“I have been accused of academic misconduct…what now?”

Make sure you understand the accusation. If you are given the opportunity to respond, be clear about the facts and explain any extenuating circumstances that you believe are relevant. Your instructor will have to follow the academic misconduct process. If you are not sure about what that process entails for you or your options, ask your instructor directly.

For more information about the investigation and review process, check out our academic misconduct process information page.

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