Dr. Laurie McNeill receives Tricia Bertram Gallant Award for Outstanding Service from the International Center for Academic Integrity

Dr. Laurie McNeill, recipient of the Tricia Bertram Gallant Award for Outstanding Service from the International Center for Academic Integrity, and a Professor of Teaching with the Department of English Language and Literatures.

Congratulations to Dr. Laurie McNeill, who received the Tricia Bertram Gallant Award for Outstanding Service from the International Center for Academic Integrity in March 2022! Dr. McNeill is a Professor of Teaching with the Department of English Language and Literatures, and was lead investigator on the TLEF-funded project “Our Cheating Hearts?: Changing the Conversation through Academic Integrity Curriculum in First-Year Programs.” We spoke with Dr. McNeill to learn more about her work in academic integrity.

Dr. McNeill’s time as Director of First-Year Programs for the Faculty of Arts sparked her passion for academic integrity. The role included holding “absolutely transformative” meetings with students who had been reported for suspected academic misconduct. Through this process, Dr. McNeill says, she “realized really vividly that we as an institution, and we as instructors, were failing to provide students with education in something that we then punished them for not knowing about.”

Further conversations with Dr. Stefania Burk, Dean pro tem for the Faculty of Arts, and then Associate Dean, Academic, refined Dr. McNeill’s focus on academic integrity as opposed to academic misconduct. Whereas academic misconduct is “a disciplinary, punishment model,” Dr. McNeill views academic integrity as aspirational. Highlighting academic integrity in teaching “is about inviting [students] to live up to their potential,” as well as the potential of the scholarly communities they inhabit.

The “Cheating Hearts” project, funded by Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF), began as a pilot project amongst a small group of faculty members in first-year Arts programs. Dr. McNeill was pleasantly surprised that the project did not necessitate major changes in teaching and learning; instead, they “could tweak few things [they] were already doing, and it would have transformative results.” As a result of the pilot’s success, it was implemented across first-year Arts programs. Dr. McNeill estimates that between 5,000 and 6,000 students per year now engage with the academic integrity instruction developed through the project.

In addition to her work within the UBC community, Dr. McNeill also works in academic integrity on a national and international level, including her contribution to the recent book Academic Integrity in Canada and her membership on the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education’s (STLHE) new Committee on Academic Integrity and Contract Cheating. She points to the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying shifts in teaching and learning as expanding the conversation on academic integrity. This increased engagement, Dr. McNeill says, offers multiple benefits, including “opportunities to learn from different approaches, to be abreast of new developments, and to be thinking collectively about ways we can be doing things better.”

Academic integrity ultimately strengthens faculty and student interactions and accomplishments, contributing to an open and engaged scholarly community. Dr. McNeill highlights the importance of understanding students’ lived experience: “diverse experiences of life, of culture, of education” that impact their knowledge and understanding of academic integrity.

“We have an opportunity not only to help them, but also to do some learning ourselves when we make this something that we teach explicitly.”

Story by Colby Payne.

Academic Integrity at Celebrate Learning Week 2022

This year’s Celebrate Learning Week includes two academic integrity related events.

Encouraging Academic Integrity Through a Preventative Framework​

May 11, 2022 | 9:30 – 11:00 am | Online

Through a collaboration between the Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre (TCDC) [Langara College], the Centre for Intercultural Engagement (CIE) [Langara College] and the Academic Integrity and Student Conduct Office [Langara College], an open access toolkit for educators called “Encouraging Academic Integrity Through a Preventative Framework” was created. ​

This toolkit was developed to provide instructors with resources to reframe the conversations around what academic integrity and the expression of integrity means when viewed through the lens of identity and the intersections of culture, gender identity and ethnicity. We provide a model we call the Complexity Quadrant to examine the complexity in expression and perception of academic integrity. With this model in mind, we discuss strategies for fostering integrity and preventing contraventions of academic integrity standards through the use of Universal Design for Learning and intentional assessment design. ​

  • Jessica Kalra, Assistant Professor Teaching, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBC
  • Vicki Vogel, Intercultural Engagement and Curriculum Consultant [Langara College]


Academic Integrity at UBCO: Where Are We and Where Are We Headed?

May 13, 2022 | 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm | Online

Since the shift to online teaching and learning, academic integrity (or dishonesty) has been on top of mind for many instructors, administrators, and students. Much has been learned during the past two years uncovering the deep complexities about this topic including issues around assessment methods, stress and wellbeing pressures, proctoring technologies, tutoring companies in an unregulated market, among others.

This panel discussion will briefly share with the audience what has been done at UBC Okanagan so far, what we have learned, and where we are headed in the short-term. The audience is encouraged to engage in the follow-up conversation with the panelists towards finding more inclusive and accessible strategies towards building a stronger culture of academic integrity.

  • Dr. Anita Chaudhuri, Assistant Professor of Teaching, and co-chair of UBCO’s Academic Integrity Advisory Group
  • Amanda Brobbel, Senior Manager, Writing and Language Learning Services
  • Jeannine Kuemmerle, Educational Consultant, TA and Student Development, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Laura Prada, Senior Manager Academic Integrity and Initiatives, Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic


Academic Integrity Events at 2022 CTLT Spring Institute

There will be two upcoming sessions focused on academic integrity at this year’s CTLT Spring Institute (May 30-June 3, 2022).

Let’s Talk About Academic Integrity: How, What, and When to Incorporate Academic Integrity into Your Course 

May 30, 2022 | 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. | Zoom 

Academic integrity is a commitment to upholding the UBC values of respect, integrity, and accountability in all academic endeavours. Academic integrity is important for activities that produce new knowledge through scholarly activities, including creative pursuits, writing, and speaking. It is also important for activities that have students demonstrate their learning through assessments and assignments. Instructors have a responsibility to work together with students and staff to promote a culture of academic integrity. This starts in the classroom, through explicitly teaching the standards of academic integrity in their discipline, and including information about academic integrity in course syllabi and coursework. 

In this panel discussion, educators will share how they bring academic integrity discussion into their classes. Panelists will be from multiple disciplines and teach writing-focused and test-focused courses. Attendees will learn about UBC’s resources for teaching academic integrity and supporting students, including the new website 

This is a companion session to Academic Integrity & EDI: Rethinking Pedagogy and Practices for Inclusivity and Accessibility‚ though registration in both is not required. 


  • Ainsley Rouse, Academic Integrity Senior Manager, Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic 
  • Jaclyn Stewart, Associate Dean Academic, Faculty of Science 
  • Dr. Laila Ferreira, Assistant Professor of Teaching, School of Journalism, Writing, Media 
  • Dr. Jessica Kalra, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  • Dr. Peter Ostafichuk, Professor of Teaching, Chair of First Year Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science 
  • Dr. Brianne Orr-Álvarez, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Spanish Language Program Director, Director of FHIS Learning Centre, Department of French, Hispanic, & Italian Studies, Faculty of Arts 


Academic Integrity & EDI: Rethinking Pedagogy and Practices for Inclusivity and Accessibility 

May 31, 2022 | 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. | Zoom 

During our time together, we’ll share relevant research findings and resources, unpack some of the dominant assumptions about academic misconduct, and consider ways that we, as educators, can adopt an accessible and inclusive pedagogy of integrity in our courses that supports all in doing their work with integrity. What are the ways that policies and pedagogy may increase barriers for students, or perpetuate damaging assumptions? How do we construct an EDI-informed framework for academic integrity in courses? 

In this one-hour workshop, participants will reflect on disciplinary and classroom practices, respond to findings, share questions, and generate ideas to take back into their own teaching and departments to foster a culture of integrity (Bretag 2011) that is accessible and supportive. 

This is a proposed as a companion session to Let’s Talk About Academic Integrity: How, What, and When to Incorporate Academic Integrity Into Your Course, though registration in both is not required. 


  • Laurie McNeill, Professor of Teaching, School of Journalism, Writing, and Media 


Academic Integrity issue of CTLT’s Edubytes Newsletter 

In the February edition of Edubytes, we dive into concepts around academic integrity, with a spotlight on new developments and resources at UBC. Our guest editors are Ainsley Rouse, PhD, Senior Manager Academic Integrity, Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic; and Jaclyn J Stewart, PhD, Associate Dean Academic, Faculty of Science and Co-Chair, Academic Integrity Working Group.  

International Center for Academic Integrity

The International Center for Academic Integrity is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating cultures of integrity in academic communities. UBC holds an institutional membership to the ICAI.

The ICAI website offers a wide array of resources around academic integrity, including access to the Academic Integrity Reader and the Integrity Matters blog.

The ICAI holds an annual conference which brings together researchers and practitioners in the field of academic integrity around topics of current research, policy issues, student, institutional and practitioner experiences, and technology.

At this year’s conference, scholars and practitioners from the UBC community presented on various initiatives underway at UBC. Visit the website to learn more about the conference and this year’s program.

Academic Integrity Working Group

The Academic Integrity Working Group led the development of UBC’s new cross-campus academic integrity website. Student, faculty and staff members brought their perspectives on academic integrity to guide the concept and content creation. The result is a site that integrates support for teaching and learning academic integrity and provides support and guidance on academic misconduct.

Launch of Academic Integrity Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Academic Integrity website at UBC. Teaching and promoting academic integrity and responding to academic misconduct allegations are all part of UBC’s culture of academic integrity.

Academic integrity is a commitment to upholding the values of respect, integrity, and accountability in coursework. The new website will support faculty and teaching assistants in their commitment to teaching and promoting academic integrity in their courses, and help students learn about academic integrity and uphold its values over the course of their academic careers.

Please visit the navigation above to read more about Academic Integrity at UBC.